Thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited you’re here! I am Cori – the owner and creative director of Cori Cook Floral Design! My world is my family and flowers and I am so grateful for this beautiful life. My heart and desire is that as you spend time exploring this journal, that you too, would be inspired to live your own kind of beautiful life! Cheers! 

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Husband {BLOG} Hijack – Cori Cook’s Husband

Hi, I’m Michael and I’m Cori Cook’s Husband. And this is my story … 

So, Cori is out and about getting for our trip to California this week and has no idea that I’m doing this right now … and yes this trip does involve a wedding annnnnd some sunshine and a lot of great ol’ friends! We are stoked! Anyways, Cori has no idea that I’m currently hijacking her blog, but I wanted to share with you, her faithful followers, a quick glimpse in to the fun side of Cori Cook Floral Design!

So, we were up in Beaver Creek yesterday setting up a beautiful wedding at the Donovan Pavillion in Vail (she’d be so proud of me for linking that site for you!) and as I was setting out some candle votives (in a very professional manner of course, like always) I caught a glimpse of myself in one of them. So, what does any super professional husband start doing? I start making awesome faces in them and snapping a couple shots, minutes later, Cori catches me, outside on the patio all by my lonesome snapping some pictures of myself in the reflection … needless to say, if you know anything about Cori, you know that she loves joining in on the fun!

And I, being the supportive husband that I am, thought she’d want you to enjoy some pictures from our candle votive camera booth 🙂 

Have a great week everyone!!

 – Michael

Husband to Cori and VP of Operations & Etc. – Yes, I gave myself that title 🙂