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April & Jeremy Married!

So most of you that know Cori Cook Floral Design well, know that I couldn’t get through a summer of wedding madness without my favorite designer and friend, April!  I have often referred to her as a Craig’s List miracle, but the truth is, she is an absolute gift from God.  I adore her and am so thankful to have found someone who not only really believes in my business and treats it as her own, but she is fun to be around on those 10-hour-long-design-all-day-in-the-studio-kind-of-days!

April got married last weekend in a totally-April-and-Jeremy-way!  I received a little text a few days later pointing me to this video.  Of course, I cried like a little baby, and made everyone I could think of watch it, and cried again.  Congrats April and Jeremy.  I absolutely love you two and am so excited to live the married life alongside you!  Marriage is a gift!

And on a totally floral note, it was really important for April to have a gorgeous bouquet for obvious reasons, and I think the girls over at Small Stump + Studio Choo did a fantastic job.  If you are wondering what the gorgeous coral/mauve ones are, they’re tree peonies….AHHHH….swoon….

we said vows. from Jeremy on Vimeo.

Thanks to Britt Simmons for this precious video!