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DIY Custom Floral Containers



I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about these lovely pictures—EEEK!  Last week, my new friend Vanessa of Flourish Studio Photography and I met up for a little DIY floral photo shoot.  While I am not a huge fan of the DIY movement, especially regarding wedding flowers (another subject for another time—do you really want to be wiring wholesale orchids at 3am the day of your wedding?!), I am a huge promoter of the natural beauty of flowers.  Flowers are so naturally gorgeous that there is not a lot we need to do to them to make stunning, custom arrangements.   And if you have any sort of creative knack, designing simple, monochromatic arrangements like these should be a piece of cake.  The theme for this DIY feature is creating funky, unique containers for your arrangements that compliment the flowers’ natural beauty!  Enjoy!

Supply List:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Fun, Funky Patterned Scrapbook paper
  • Spray Adhesive (You an buy this at any craft store—I bought mine at Michael’s)
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Containers to cover like bud vases, square vases, cylinder vases, or empty food cans
  • Floral Foam (optional)
  • Your favorite flowers

 STEP 1:  Choose the container you would like to cover and measure a strip of the scrapbook paper to fit around the container.  

Step 2: Cut the scrapbook paper into a strip that fits around the container. 

STEP 3:  Spray a thin layer of the spray adhesive onto your scrapbook paper strip on the side you want adhered to the container.  Wait one minute for the spray adhesive to get really sticky.

 STEP 4: Carefully adhere the scrapbook paper strip to the container.  


STEP 5: To add more visual interest to your container, spray a measured piece of ribbon with the spray adhesive and adhere to the container.  

STEP 6: Then, fill your container about halfway full with water.  Cut flower stems at an angle to ensure they get the most water pumping through their stems.

NOTE: For a more handpicked feel, simply cut the stems and place in the container.  For more of a controlled, full look, you can use floral foam.  Simply cut the floral foam into a piece that fits snugly into your container and insert stems into foam.  

 And voila!  A custom, unique floral arrangement ready to be showed off at your next big event.  

 This method of covering containers can work for a variety of containers and creates a fun, custom look!  Great for bridal showers, centerpieces, place cards, and votive candles.  For larger containers, you can use a fabric covering using the same method of adhering with the spray adhesive.  Be bold, be creative, be fun.  Below are some more ideas for arrangements and shapes of vases.  Enjoy!