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Billy Balls + Pool Floats + PUNJAMMIES + Indian dancers = What? BOMBAY NIGHTS! I was honored to do flowers for this extraordinary event. Bombay Nights is a Gala fundraiser at the Orange County Mansion to benefit International Princess Project. “What is International Princess Project?” you might ask! Well, let me tell you! In short, International Princess Project is a non-profit organization that works with women in India and around the world that have been forced into prostitution. Its aim is to work with rescued women at local after care centers to help provide them with a trade to support themselves: sewing. The women sew these chic pajama pants reminiscent of their own colorful saris (the fabric of India). International Princess Project then sells the PUNJAMMIES here in America. The girls earn a fair trade wage, are able to set up savings accounts, and learn a trade in which they can support themselves with dignity, while at the same time also receiving emotional, physical, and spiritual care.

Just listen to the mission: ADVOCATING for women enslaved in prostitution, RESTORING their broken lives, EMPOWERING them to live free. I am all about this.

Enjoy the photos below of the flowers at Bombay Nights. I just loved the little Indian containers we used.

Photos compliments of Marc Weisberg Studio.


Check out the latest line of PUNJAMMIES.





To buy PUNJAMMIES, check out their sweet online store. Each PUNJAMMIE was made with love in India.

For more info on International Princess Project and its mission, check out the video below: