Thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited you’re here! I am Cori – the owner and creative director of Cori Cook Floral Design! My world is my family and flowers and I am so grateful for this beautiful life. My heart and desire is that as you spend time exploring this journal, that you too, would be inspired to live your own kind of beautiful life! Cheers! 

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Cori Cook

I know, New Year’s Resolutions are predictable and overdone to some, but I have a confession to make:  I absolutely love making them. The truth is, goal setting and dreaming about what “could be” with a little hard work, a lot of prayer, and a dash of fresh vision makes me giddy.  I never want to be so complacent about my life that I feel as though I could never change, improve, or GROW.  I always want to be growing.  I want to love life.  To live fully, experience the moment, and to live by my passions and values!   So after some hearty self/business examination, I have come up with a few resolutions for Cori Cook Floral Design in 2010 that I feel will foster growth in my business and personal life:

  • In 2010, I am committing to only doing one wedding per weekend.  No exceptions.  I realize this makes me very unique as a floral designer.  Instead of trying to stack the weekend with 3 or 4 weddings, I will be funneling my passion and creativity toward one bride, one wedding, and one gorgeous set of wedding flowers.  Since one of my favorite parts of this job is working with brides, it is my joy to get to know that bride and create a personalized boutique floral design experience that will make her beam on her big day.  
  • In 2010, I am committing to only booking 40 weddings.  While this may seem like a lot or a little to some, I am already a quarter of the way there!  The other 13 weekends of 2010, you will find me traveling, spending quality time with my husband, family, and friends, camping, curled up in a chair with a good book, trying out new recipes, and just enjoying this precious gift of life.  What I also love about this new little resolution, is that as I learn more about myself, I have come to realize that time off spent doing nothing and doing non-work-things-that-I-love keeps me creative, passionate, and joyful.  And no, I will not be blogging, or tweeting on those precious weekends (:
  • In 2010, I am committing to upping my game.  I will not be content with the status quo.  I will always be looking for a better way to do things.   A way to stand out.   A more personalized experience for brides.  A more unique bouquet.  A better design.  I commit to being excellent!

Of course I have set all the regular resolutions too, like kicking soda for good, loosing that pesky 10 pounds, and running a half-marathon.  This year is about fresh starts, new beginnings, and a beautifully blank canvas…what do you want yours to say?!

Happy New Year! 


Cori Cook